Cave of the Winds wooden deck under the Bridal Veil Falls in Niagara Falls, New York

Hello, I am a thirty-seven-year-old freelance web designer with 14 years of web design experience and a graphic design degree, who specializes in creating custom WordPress themes for small-large niche businesses. I also create short video interviews and take portraits.

I used to like portrait illustration, woodturning, and unicycling at one time. Currently I like to write tech posts and occasionally a photography post makes its way into the blog. I want to write more photographic stories as I have enjoyed reading others. I’m currently an avid photographer of sunsets, landscapes, vintage autos, urban exploration, and portraits. Discover more of my pastime interests.

I’m the guy that top online business owners like Doris Motte (Courage Counseling of Salisbury, N.C.), Joey Osborne (Mosquito Authority/ Bugsbite of Hickory, N.C.), Robin Chalkley (Winston-Salem Writers), Dwayne Cogdill (Saint Dwayne Associates of Charlotte, N.C.), and Aeri’s Kitchen brought in to work alongside them to finish it well. Here are the testimonials they want to share with you.

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