19 photography websites I’m reading

Thanks to Jim Grey’s film photography blogs you should follow, I accumulated more photography blogs. I read these when I need inspiration or to pass the time. I enjoy reading photo stories. Some of the topics I read about in turn encourage me to write a variation. In no particular order, a list of those I’m currently drawn to.

  1. https://blog.jimgrey.net/
  2. https://loriacashphotography.com/
  3. https://carrotroom.com/
  4. https://annemckinnell.com/
  5. http://btleventhal.com/bruceleventhal
  6. https://www.zakzeinertphotography.com/blog/
  7. https://csyjr.wordpress.com/
  8. https://islandinthenet.com/category/photography/
  9. https://marksphototravels.blogspot.com/
  10. https://www.themaryphotographer.com/
  11. https://strobist.blogspot.com/
  12. https://abandonedsoutheast.com/
  13. http://wildernessphotographer.blogspot.com/
  14. https://lightscapesphotography.wordpress.com/
  15. https://connealy.blogspot.com/
  16. https://www.peterbarker.org/blog/
  17. https://www.adrianklein.com/blog
  18. https://www.jmg-galleries.com/blog/
  19. https://blog.livingwilderness.com/

If you have a family-friendly photo story blog not included here, please share the link and what you write about with me in the comments.

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