Month: July 2018

Travel Log: Great Divide

I just posted a new Instagram post. I cropped it 5:4 for the post. My friend had driven to Damascus, Virginia first, before going through Mountain City, Tennessee by chance. Thankfully no one came around to bother us about taking pictures. It started to rain as we left. Written on mobile phone from

Art to Design

Listening to a video podcast on Joe Collins YouTube channel and he pointed to this page of testimonials from many people who use Linux despite the naysayers. Inspired me to write this article from that idea. I was born with a graphite pencil in one hand and a drawing pad in the other. I illustrated …

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The Host

Almost a full two years past, I stopped using HostGator because it was out of my budget. I had three months left on my account after having been with them for six years, three before the industries price hike and I wasn’t willing to shell out more for a service that wasn’t willing to offer …

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