Month: August 2018

Jekyll and iMac

Yesterday, I had reached my wits end with Jekyll or so I thought. I went to sleep. This morning, I solved that problem I had. How to display Jekyll Front Matter from a page in a Collections folder on a custom layout. I got as far as installing WordPress on a server when I heard …

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Bear Hug

I woke at 8 and spent an hour reading through the Bible. I went back to sleep then I was in my parents room and my Dad brought in a TV with loose black bolts and asked me to take care of it since I knew more about electronics. I looked down at it and …

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My Cloud

If you are not a fan of Google Photos, Apple Photos, Amazon Prime Photos, Dropbox, and the list goes on for cloud services, you could purchase a NAS hard drive that you host on your own network and still have access to view, download, upload, and share your photos and videos with anyone from any …

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How to start an LLC

Nicely designed website, helpful information, and calculators. Down-to-earth, easy to understand explanations and story examples.