Month: October 2018

Grateful For Mercy

I prayed since last night asking for mercy and grace from Jesus while Hurricane Michael came right over top our home. I’m so grateful that no damage was done. Keep those affected by the hurricane along the Florida panhandle and northeast in your prayers.

Photography Kit

In January of 2015, a hobby was made concrete. I had been taking pictures for a long time with limited 8MB cameras on smartphones until one day the ability to control light in the image became of more importance to me. I researched by reading and watching videos on all brands and types of professional …

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Inbox To Gmail

I used Inbox by Gmail for a long time until just recently they announced its retirement. I had gotten used to having the Send to Inbox Chrome extension that also gave an option for Save to Inbox, which allowed for links to be saved inside Inbox in the Saved category. I also appreciated being able …

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