Month: August 2019

iPhone 7 defect

A few iPhone 7 models built with Intel chips were reported to overheat and completely stop working. Especially when reactivating the phone. It also applies to the A1660 model built with Qualcomm chips. Unfortunately, I had one of these lemons and the main cause of failure, the phone stopped working on cellular. The cellular radio …

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iOS Checklist

Move Google Keep to Apple Notes Export Google Keep at Google Takeout Expand ZIP Import from Apple Notes on Desktop Select folder or all HTML files in Keep folder of ZIP Move Notes, ten at a time, over to iCloud Notes inside Apple Notes on Desktop from Imported notes folder. Select ten and right click …

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macOS Mojave crawling

Recently I serviced an iMac that was running High Sierra at a good response speed and the owner kept getting the App store notification to update, which they did. Mojave brought the computer to a crawl and a click took literally five minutes before the action completed. It was the latest iMac available on the …

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