Abandoned Garage

I stopped in Poneto, Indiana, to see friends and relatives during a family reunion last year, and a few hours before it was to start I walked around the town and took pictures of old buildings. I don’t remember if this particular building had had a business back then when I was a child. From the writing on the signs, I suspect this to be an abandoned garage. (If you know exactly, leave a comment about the history of this place.)

In my family, I’m the photo historian. And during the reunion which I only was able to attend, I took pictures and videos of all who came. I had missed being at these reunions so much that I was pleased to enjoy seeing faces I hadn’t seen for fifteen years it seemed.

I started with a very flat photo composed from three bracketed exposures and edited it for ten minutes in Affinity Photo, but it just wasn’t working out the way I liked, so I opened up Aurora HDR 2019, which I haven’t touched for a whole year, and after fifteen more minutes the final closely matched my memory.

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