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I just finished watching Ocean Waves, a Japanese anime. It was okay not too intense. I’m drawn to slow country stories with hints of nostalgia. It’s a different pace to my sometimes mundane days. I finished watching it and noticed it had changed my mood a small amount to remind me of all the people I knew in passing at high school who seemed to be extras in a movie that I was not the main lead of but more a distant character. I had a lot of friends who never went deep with me. I missed my true friends in Indiana.

I’m drawn to dramatic color grading and textures. In Photoshop class at the technical college, the teacher seemed to like the topic as she assigned many photo manipulation assignments. I remember just trying to get through each of them for the sake of finishing to make the grade. At that time photography and photo editing weren’t on my radar.

My classwork

Last night and before, I watched many texture videos and saved a few that went in the direction of my interest. I see that there are not many of them online or maybe I’m not looking for the right keywords.

I like Instagram planterboy’s work and I found Ivan Weiss through Affinity’s lockdown video series.

My classwork

This new path seems appealing because my current landscape photography is plain boring even though most everyone else has voiced their interest in it. It also somewhat bothers me when I hear people saying good things about my current works but they never follow through to buy it. Aside from headshot photography, one magazine paid me a small amount to feature a photo on their front cover. And I notice my interest in textures and photography because I have tried to buy prints from two people on Instagram and succeeded through one. And I’m buying their texture works because I enjoy looking at them for long periods of time.

I guess I’m saying to myself that I’m going to try this new creative process. Even if the end result is art I want to continue looking at even if no one else does.


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    Interesting path you’re on.

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