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Here’s a new series focused on art. Collecting links or videos from the week or month that help inspire my artistic journey. Hopefully you will find them deserving of a mug of brewed tea or cup of Joe while you pass the time.

This documentary covers fifty photography works of Ernst Haas focused on composition and color. There’s lots of fast-talking descriptive information about each shot spoken by the presenter with the voice of another coming in here and there at the beckoning of the main speaker. There is some historical story and comparisons with other photographers peppered throughout. At times, the commentary is too much that I am unable to focus firmly on the photographic art. The main message coming across is to use art from the painterly masters of the past and color theory to shape your own street photographs rather than just stopping light in a frame.

In the video they feature to view and sell your art.

And in a random way, I found this picture shared on Instagram and it reminded me of a box of colored pencils shaded into each of the abandoned Mini 1000s (picture linked).

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