Author: Daniel Brinneman

  • SOOC: 2022 The Battle of Charlotte

    On Saturday, September 3, 2022, I visited Rural Hill in Huntersville, North Carolina, to see the reenactment of this year’s Battle of Charlotte. Tickets were purchased online in advance. The day was mostly cloudy with lots of heat (88–91ºF) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. I dropped the exposure on my camera because of the […]

  • Single frame: Jeff Dworek at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat

    Single frame: Jeff Dworek at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat

    Jeff Dworek sat on a scissor stool handmade by a mutual friend, hands clasping a tin cup filled with cold water. It was 104ºF that day, and Jeff was trying to stay cool in his thick Revolutionary War clothing at Historic Brattonsville in McConnells, South Carolina. He had a soaked towel wrapped around his neck […]

  • Single frame: Rusty Robinson at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat

    Single frame: Rusty Robinson at 2022 Battle of Huck’s Defeat

    Rusty Robinson was standing behind a wooden workbench in a cabin at Brattonsville when I walked in. Two small doors and a gap behind the bench dimly lit the cabin. A young man was engaging Rusty in a conversation while I stood off to the side in the shadows to take pictures. Here he pulls […]

  • Select pictures from 2015-2022

    I put together a short video to highlight some of my photographs. Turn up the volume and I hope you enjoy it. And you are welcome to share it with others.

  • Setting up antennas for Field Day

    I took my friend Paul Closius to Siler Presbyterian Church in Wesley Chapel where the Union County Amateur Radio Society club was setting up two 4:1 dipoles and a vertical antenna. One of the dipoles was 130 feet end to end. All for high frequency operations, I presume. We sat and watched as four men […]

  • Backyard fruits

    Usually a month or so after my blackberries ripen the fig tree starts producing. I checked on it this morning and they are starting to grow. I wait until they are dark purple.

  • Exit Safe Mode on Windows 11

    In previous versions of Windows these steps were not necessary. A reboot out of safe mode was done in the recovery or bios menus. After enabling safe mode on a laptop to run a full reinstall of Windows 11 because it was corrupted by a phone scam hacker, the computer kept rebooting into safe mode. […]

  • Single frame: Sunset in Wesley Chapel

    Single frame: Sunset in Wesley Chapel

    A friend and I went to an amateur radio club meeting and after it was over we both saw this beautiful sunset outside. I happened to have my Fujifilm X100S and this is a straight out of camera shot.

  • Mr. Gray

    In the late 1980s and early 90s when I attended College Park United Brethren Church in Huntington, Indiana, I admired the role of the ushers dressed in pinstripe sky blue suits who carried large wooden platters with brass rims and royal purple felted bottoms to collect the offering from the large congregation by walking down […]

  • Cue the Code

    My inspiration for this came after reading Khürt’s post from 2015, Writing at 160 beats per minute. I started coding websites with Notepad on Windows XP Pro moved to Ubuntu 6.10+ for several years until moving to macOS when graphic design became a focus. I’ve used Atom, Coda, Coda 2, Nova, and Visual Studio Code […]