Author: Daniel Brinneman

  • art collection: street doc and color

    Here’s a new series focused on art. Collecting links or videos from the week or month that help inspire my artistic journey. Hopefully you will find them deserving of a mug of brewed tea or cup of Joe while you pass the time. This documentary covers fifty photography works of Ernst Haas focused on composition […]

  • Enough with the theatre!

    I like warm and quiet coffee shops where I don’t need to put in earbuds to soften the noise level that is causing me to be counter productive. I especially like coffee shops where younger generations mingle where the music is not so loud that I cannot hear my friend’s expressions. The coffee must be […]

  • He is Risen!

    Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb. So she ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have […]

  • [SOLVED] Jetpack Comments social login icons not showing on WordPress websites in Safari

    I had been leaving comments on other WordPress websites. Some sites showed the social icons and others didn’t. I couldn’t seem to find a solution for Safari so I was filling in the three fields every time I wanted to leave a comment and I noticed in the WordPress app that those comments and replies […]

  • Monroe Art Walk 2022

    My friend Michael Hutchinson has started displaying his photography in the Dowd Center Theatre in Monroe, North Carolina. On the second day of a month’s-long gallery show at the theatre, I went up in the afternoon to support him. I met him outside after he had just finished a hot dog he had bought from […]

  • Substack

    I have recently discovered as an alternative to writing with a WordPress website. I was looking for other writers who also share an interest in photography and found there are many quality writers on Substack. They also have a good business plan if you want to write and make money from it. You can […]

  • Video Editing For Over Age 40

    Are you interested in video editing? Are you over 40? Are you over 50? Are you over 60? Are you over 70? I hope to upload at least one video per month to show you the basics of video editing in Final Cut Pro for beginners. Each video will be taught slowly and to the […]

  • Turning pages

    Here is a list of books that I’ve been reading within the last two years. I’m a slow reader. It takes me a while to pick up a book I’ve put down. I prefer a tangible book to pass on and electronic books for reference in written articles. Books I’m reading Gentle and Lowly: The […]

  • A good read

    I’ve reduced my blog following to Jim Grey’s Down the Road blog and Khürt Williams’ Island in the Net blog. It’s so hard to find blogs with various similar interests to mine that also write consistently. I’m still following a few others but they haven’t written anything in a while. Do you have any blog […]

  • Gluten-free recipes

    Started following these YouTube channels, some from last year. Find other recipes on YouTube by searching for your favorite dish name with gluten-free in the keywords. (GlutenFreeHabit) (Becky Excell’s playlist)