How did you get interested in Korea?

When I quit truck driving, I was surfing on YouTube and found my first Asian drama, It Started with a Kiss, in Taiwanese. Then after awhile I found that I really liked watching Korean dramas. After that, I found two online sites for connecting with people who wanted to learn English. I focused just on making Korean friends.

I started thinking about learning the language some based on the prodding of my English “students.” I bought a study book and two dictionaries and started to read. At that time, a man from Korea, started working at JAARS and my friend, John Gieske, introduced me to him. Where upon I started to meet once per week with him for lessons and even to take him to several of the local Korean restaurants. Now he is back in Korea and we keep in touch and I still go to eat at one of the cheapest of the three Korean restaurants, PePeRo.




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