CrashPlan Home to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

For several years, I was a CrashPlan Home customer, on Linux and Mac, until they closed their Home plan this past year. I liked their plan because unlike Carbonite there was a setting to turn off online deletions. Carbonite will delete your online copy after 30 days if you delete it from your computer. I didn’t want my next online backup to have that con. Continue reading “CrashPlan Home to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage”


Standing in the dark, a heavy weight on my back, a light pushes past me, a hum of the heater all around me, a sad and lonely hearts hangs within, a smile irks out, slowly spreading out of my thoughts, it’s just me, no one to hold, no one hug, no one to love, the sound of rain pitter patters outside on the cold concrete slab, slapping dead fallen leaves, a bright light blinds my being, my view, a clock ticks, when will we see you again, there’s red soon to cover me, every thread unraveled, the bustle of people, loudly talking, the fakes, the reals, the shot, the life taken, the soul captured, into the cold night he steps, slipping down the sleek steep bank, into the ice cold creek, the wind howls, the crow caws, the wooden door creaks and swings shut on its hinges, legs dangling, back and forth, it’s cold, hands clasped firm, looking down, a human reflection cast on the waters, a chalky moon set above.

Hey Siri, navigate to…with Google Maps

cracked white iphone on car mount navigating in google maps

This past week, I was riding and the driver tried to pull up his driving instructions with Apple Maps with Siri and it failed. He opened Google Maps and then used the microphone to tell it to find his address. Then Google Maps worked and it got us around the road blockades. I asked him if he could open Google Maps with Siri and he said he didn’t know how. Continue reading “Hey Siri, navigate to…with Google Maps”