Hey Siri, navigate to…with Google Maps

cracked white iphone on car mount navigating in google maps

This past week, I was riding and the driver tried to pull up his driving instructions with Apple Maps with Siri and it failed. He opened Google Maps and then used the microphone to tell it to find his address. Then Google Maps worked and it got us around the road blockades. I asked him if he could open Google Maps with Siri and he said he didn’t know how. Continue reading “Hey Siri, navigate to…with Google Maps”

Static site built with a Flat-file CMS

This is a journey, a new one at that. First, an interest in static site generators as I’ve written about, then I wanted to build my own site using just PHP (with HTML/CSS/JS) and Markdown. But after researching for a new project then but not anymore, I found many of these static sites built with PHP, like how I envisioned it, to already exist and had I not opened this door, I would not have discovered them. Continue reading “Static site built with a Flat-file CMS”

Entertaining Static Site Generators

There are two static site generators that have caught my imagination: Jekyll and Hugo. Jekyll keeps getting better and can be hosted on GitHub Pages. GitHub made Jekyll. Hugo does well with large sites that need faster build generation of their pages, it’s more customizable for links and widgets, it can check for newly-edited files and generate only them, and the theme can be separated from the code like WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for a long time and I’m passionate about that but lately the idea of self-hosting it weighs heavy on my current budget. Continue reading “Entertaining Static Site Generators”

How To Get Started Troubleshooting G Suite Email Routing

These are steps I take when troubleshooting a G Suite (Google Apps previously) email sending issue. At first, ten plus years ago, a Google Apps account could be set up for free for up to 50 users, then it became a paid solution, and SPAM became more of a problem so the setup process moved from an easy setup to learning everything about email routing and servers. Continue reading “How To Get Started Troubleshooting G Suite Email Routing”

Wow! You took that?!

Is it really my photography?

There are days that when I post a photo, I get many compliments about how good it looked and others tell me that I do well. On those days, I don’t see my photography as something that I did. It feels as if I’m holding on to someone else’s work and getting all the credit for it. Continue reading “Wow! You took that?!”