Building out my portfolio with WordPress

Where am I now? I’ve had a portfolio using a Blogger account but it just doesn’t feel right when I’m a WordPress specialist and I’m not able to get creative without learning a whole new platform or using a limited customized workaround. These are more notes to myself and a way for you to see how I’m thinking about all this.

I contemplated for the longest time, should I make my own theme just to use Custom Post Types (CPTs) to feature my works. What if I want to always change my theme’s design every three months? Maybe there’s something you can teach me here, but I think it’s true, that it’s hard to move CPTs, from the front-end, between themes. I see them as built-in and I try not to rely on plugins for CPTs unless it’s a meta box layout which I don’t have the PHP method figured out yet. I haven’t tested this yet or searched out the answer, but when I know it’s for sure, I’ll move my mini-portfolio into it. What am I trying to say there? I don’t know if using a plugin for custom CPTs enables me to switch my themes and still keep my CPTs.

This is my plan:

  • Use the blog for everything
  • Use categories to divvy up the posts
  • Hide portfolio categories from the blog and main RSS feed
  • Re-invent the home page with a page template
  • Use a child theme with Twenty Twelve as the parent
  • Use custom fields for showing data

What will I include on my portfolio? I will focus on WordPress and on the bottom of the home page I also want to feature my woodturning and artistic past works, so that I can show that there’s more to my life than just WordPress. I’d also like to keep a blog with similar content to this one on there, but that’s still something to be thought out.

Where will my work be when I’m done?

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