Carolina Wren Nest

I had set a plant out on the front porch and a few days later a couple was already digging out the dirt from a corner of the pot. A nest started to form and then we saw three eggs and more.

The first day those eggs were there, I went outside in the evening with my zoom lens but the focus and lighting wasn’t good and it was grainy.

The second day there were more eggs and I used my flash with manual focus on the zoom lens but those also were grainy.

Today, I was successful after scouring my room for my MEKE e-mount extension tubes. At lunch, I put on my prime 50mm (75mm equivalent on full-frame) focusing lens with a 10mm extension tube and the flash. At first I had both extension tubes of 10mm and 16mm, which didn’t let me find the focus close up and farther away, so I took off the 16mm. Then focus moved from being 12 inches from the lens hood to about three inches from the hood and with Sony alpha a6400 camera on aperture priority with manual focus and fill flash power at 1/16 and 1/32, I could sit in a chair outside and prop myself against the shutters to get several good photos.

Brown and white Carolina Wren eggs in nest, version one
ILCE-6400 | 50mm | f/9 | ISO-3200
Brown and white Carolina Wren eggs in nest, version two
ILCE-6400 | 50mm | f/9 | ISO-3200

6 thoughts on “Carolina Wren Nest”

  1. Joan Sherlock

    What a lovely photograph, Dan-and a very complex capture! Your photograph very simply epitomizes the warmth and heart of “Spring”!!!

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