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  • Amateur Radio Field Day 2022

    I arrived at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday evening at the NC4UC club’s amateur radio Field Day location in Wesley Chapel, North Carolina, and took pictures until I realized the LEDs were creating four horizontal red bands on my files. I had to delete them and found that at 1/200, 1/60, and below the bands disappeared. […]

  • Setting up antennas for Field Day

    I took my friend Paul Closius to Siler Presbyterian Church in Wesley Chapel where the Union County Amateur Radio Society club was setting up two 4:1 dipoles and a vertical antenna. One of the dipoles was 130 feet end to end. All for high frequency operations, I presume. We sat and watched as four men […]

  • Latest on Ham Radio hobby

    I had my car for several years before I started considering installing my HF/VHF radio and antennas into it. I had slowly moved away from ham radio activities despite keeping my Extra Class license renewed after having it for ten years. It was hard for me to figure out how to put it into there […]

  • Where to put it?!

    In my high school years, my friends introduced me to the many aspects of owning an amateur radio. The first time I saw my friends the Hunters they were holding these small handheld Kenwood radios, and it interested me, but when they told me about them it just went over my head. They told me […]