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  • Backyard fruits

    Usually a month or so after my blackberries ripen the fig tree starts producing. I checked on it this morning and they are starting to grow. I wait until they are dark purple.

  • Mr. Gray

    In the late 1980s and early 90s when I attended College Park United Brethren Church in Huntington, Indiana, I admired the role of the ushers dressed in pinstripe sky blue suits who carried large wooden platters with brass rims and royal purple felted bottoms to collect the offering from the large congregation by walking down […]

  • Cue the Code

    My inspiration for this came after reading Khürt’s post from 2015, Writing at 160 beats per minute. I started coding websites with Notepad on Windows XP Pro moved to Ubuntu 6.10+ for several years until moving to macOS when graphic design became a focus. I’ve used Atom, Coda, Coda 2, Nova, and Visual Studio Code […]

  • Enough with the theatre!

    I like warm and quiet coffee shops where I don’t need to put in earbuds to soften the noise level that is causing me to be counter productive. I especially like coffee shops where younger generations mingle where the music is not so loud that I cannot hear my friend’s expressions. The coffee must be […]

  • He is Risen!

    Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb. So she ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have […]

  • Turning pages

    Here is a list of books that I’ve been reading within the last two years. I’m a slow reader. It takes me a while to pick up a book I’ve put down. I prefer a tangible book to pass on and electronic books for reference in written articles. Books I’m reading Gentle and Lowly: The […]

  • A good read

    I’ve reduced my blog following to Jim Grey’s Down the Road blog and Khürt Williams’ Island in the Net blog. It’s so hard to find blogs with various similar interests to mine that also write consistently. I’m still following a few others but they haven’t written anything in a while. Do you have any blog […]

  • 잘 가요, Sang

    One of my best friends from church, mentor, and “grandpa” will be dearly missed. Sang Lee walked into heaven on Friday afternoon, March 11. The day I heard about it, I was in shock. It pained my heart greatly. The next day, I burst out crying twice when I thought about him. We shared similar […]

  • Dear friend…

    My friend, Jesus Christ the son of God, has plenty of time to meet and hear your needs and wants. He is overjoyed when you seek him out. You only need to call on him and no fancy prayer is required. Not only when times are tough for you but also when days are carefree. […]

  • Hiking Badin Lake Trail in Uwharrie National Forest

    Last week I drove an hour and forty minutes north to Troy, North Carolina, to reach Uwharrie National Forest. Along the way, all on back roads, I saw many old barns and houses I could have stopped to photograph. A friend had just hiked a portion of the Badin Lake Trail in the last week, […]