Chrome To Safari

December 2018, I moved all my data from Google Chrome to Apple Safari and enabled DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. I don’t have all my extensions, just the essentials. I removed Google Chrome and not sure how long this will last. My phone is still using Google Chrome. Firefox seems to crowded on their …

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Blue In The Face

I have toyed with the idea of closing my Facebook account but…. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, I didn’t use Facebook. I used a dumb flip phone and was quite content with it. Then I started making friends who didn’t live on this side of the pond, my work required it, …

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15 Years Ago

What were you doing 15 years ago? 15 years ago, it was 2003. I definitely wasn’t writing on a blog then. I was starting my electronics degree and later a networking certificate with Cisco networking classes at South Piedmont Community College in North Carolina and heavy into the Amateur Radio hobby. During that time, the …

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Privacy And Security

Privacy, not wanting the world to know everything about you or not wanting to be tracked by individuals or bots. Security, a sense of being comfortable, a belief that you are secure from everyone around you, knowing that your stuff is safe from the elements, or that your location is unknown to people that might …

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Retouching Old Photos

If you have followed me on Instagram for a long time, you’ll see new photos being posted with old dates. I’m taking the photo-editing techniques I’ve learned since 2015 and starting from scratch with the original RAW file(s) and referencing my old photo’s finished appearance, with some of them, to match that similar feel and …

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Grateful For Mercy

I prayed since last night asking for mercy and grace from Jesus while Hurricane Michael came right over top our home. I’m so grateful that no damage was done. Keep those affected by the hurricane along the Florida panhandle and northeast in your prayers.

Inbox To Gmail

I used Inbox by Gmail for a long time until just recently they announced its retirement. I had gotten used to having the Send to Inbox Chrome extension that also gave an option for Save to Inbox, which allowed for links to be saved inside Inbox in the Saved category. I also appreciated being able …

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Jekyll and iMac

Yesterday, I had reached my wits end with Jekyll or so I thought. I went to sleep. This morning, I solved that problem I had. How to display Jekyll Front Matter from a page in a Collections folder on a custom layout. I got as far as installing WordPress on a server when I heard …

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