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  • art collection: street doc and color

    Here’s a new series focused on art. Collecting links or videos from the week or month that help inspire my artistic journey. Hopefully you will find them deserving of a mug of brewed tea or cup of Joe while you pass the time. This documentary covers fifty photography works of Ernst Haas focused on composition […]

  • Monroe Art Walk 2022

    My friend Michael Hutchinson has started displaying his photography in the Dowd Center Theatre in Monroe, North Carolina. On the second day of a month’s-long gallery show at the theatre, I went up in the afternoon to support him. I met him outside after he had just finished a hot dog he had bought from […]

  • Backburner

    Ever since I received the Fujifilm X100S, the Sony cameras sit in a bag on a shelf in a dark closet. The new camera is less complicated to operate and lighter to take with me. Occasionally, I shoot color. Before when I was considering a newer version in the series, I focused a lot on […]

  • First Snow

    First Snow

    It’s 25°F this morning with the first snow of the year.

  • New prints for November 2021

    New prints for November 2021

    Available for purchase from this website. You will receive a print of the size you request and will need to purchase your own frame to match. My watermark is not included on the print.

  • Single frame: Eye Browse

    Single frame: Eye Browse

    Bethany Graybill, dressed in 18th-century clothing, stands in the door of a cabin with one hand by her side and the other atop a stair railing. She glanced at another photographer to her right when I was framing this shot. There is an angle in the bench leaning against a tree, its legs sticking out […]

  • Sunset at Monarch Hill Road, Tunbridge, Vermont

    Sunset at Monarch Hill Road, Tunbridge, Vermont

    This is one of my favorite spots in Tunbridge, Vermont, for a sunset. The first time I visited Vermont back in 2015, the daughter of the lady that I stayed with showed me this place. I decided to revisit this location in 2019 when I came for another visit. I had almost forgotten how to […]

  • Bernie


    Sunday afternoon I was talking it over with Hutch about my thoughts, over a span of four weeks, to take pictures at my friend’s delayed retirement service and the after-service meet-and-greet. I said to him that I had decided not to take pictures but then moments before the service I saw that I just wanted […]

  • Single frame: Security Gap

    Single frame: Security Gap

    It was a long drive down to Gaffney, South Carolina, riding in Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson’s white Chevy truck. We left the truck’s hood open because it overheated. It had a leak in the radiator, which I learned about days later. I retrieved my camera bag and locked the truck to follow Hutch down the street. […]

  • Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    Single frame: Eaton’s Sugarhouse

    It was my first time visiting South Royalton, Vermont. My friend drove me around the town and we were returning from Cockadoodle Pizza Cafe in Bethel. As we rounded the corner heading back into South Royalton on Route 14, I saw Eaton’s Sugarhouse’s rustic exterior wood slats for the first time as he spoke about […]