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  • Yellow-orange sky

    I’m borrowing a Fujifilm X100S camera for the week to see if I like it. I want to try Fuji film simulation recipes on it and understand if I like that process. Here’s a few photos from the sky this evening without any adjustments. I had stepped outside with my smartphone to catch the light […]

  • Single frame: The Exclusive Shot (color)

    Single frame: The Exclusive Shot (color)

    Pulled out a file from 2015 in Capture One Pro after upgrading my license. I had edited this into a monochrome at one time. This was from one of my first road trips with photographer Michael Hutchinson down to Gaffney, South Carolina. I wrestled with the colors, balance, and cropping to finally arrive at a […]

  • How to purchase prints on this website?

    If you see the shopping cart icon in the lower right of the photo on my posts or in my galleries, click on it. Prints are fulfilled by a well-known company trusted by professional photographers, WHCC. They will print and ship the final product to you. You can order your prints securely and directly from […]

  • Single frame: Sunrise at Burns Family Produce

    Single frame: Sunrise at Burns Family Produce

    I was heading to Matthews to meet another photographer for a road trip to Virginia. Therefore I had to leave early in the morning and it so happened that I saw the most beautiful sunrise. I pulled into Burns Family Produce as I had noticed in past days that the fields were growing and that […]

  • Single frame: Felicia Post

    It was a bright day when we stepped outside for the photo. The weather was between 40 – 50°F and five foot snow banks covered by mud were slowly melting away. I had just finished live-streaming seven sessions and workshops in the South Royalton, Vermont church. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to photograph […]

  • Single frame: Out on a Limb

    I visited the outskirts of Clover, South Carolina with Hutch and we found many good locations to photograph. We had looked up the hill from the road as we drove past and saw Joe and Curtis, the land owners, getting out of their trucks. They were clearing a large expanse of land. Hutch saw them […]

  • Mud season

    It’s mud season in South Royalton, Vermont. I went outside to pick up two cold unsweetened reduced decaf black teas at R.B.’s Deli. It was 49F degrees with no wind chill. I like the texture contrast of the muddy snow mountains to the gray fog and heavy cloud cover.

  • Downtown South Royalton

    I took these after walking halfway up to Kents Ledge in the early morning. It was September of 2019 in Vermont.

  • Photographing church banners

    I was hired by Jim White in February to shoot forty-four church banners made by him, his wife, and the women of Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church. I took my tripod, camera, a remote trigger, a gold reflector, and two variable LED soft box lights.

  • Single frame: Barn and Spike-tooth Harrow

    Single frame: Barn and Spike-tooth Harrow

    I had been working in the office all week and needed to get out. I took off yesterday with another photographer for a day trip to a few South Carolina towns. This is one of the places I turned around for and he asked the owner for permission to shoot this. They were really friendly.