I take RAW pictures then offload them to my computer with the Play Memories software. Folders by date (YYYY-MM-DD) get created in my Pictures folder. I’ll close that program. I open Sony’s Capture One, import the folders, look through them and delete those not shot well or are out of focus. Most of the time, …

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Golden tracks

It was a nice warm day with a slight breeze blowing softly. Spring is almost here; it was 85ºF all day. Finally! My favorite season is here and time to don a T-shirt, shorts, and covered sandals. This evening, I hung out on Waxhaw’s rickety wooden bridge over the train tracks while waiting for the …

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Cotton clouds in Waxhaw

Today, it was bright and full of cotton clouds. Just wonderful to look at. The sun warmed my back as I stepped into Waxhaw’s Broome Barber Shop for a haircut, beard trim, the relaxing lather-shaving cream and straight-edge razor service. Edited: Google Plus Photos app