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  • Eradicating email spam

    Does the general public know to look at the checkboxes at the bottom of the purchase form to make sure they are always unchecked? Do they know to use an email alias when signing up for accounts? Do they know how to unsubscribe from them? Working with over nine hundred people on their email issues, […]

  • Sync iCloud Calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird

    I ran a search on DDG for “apple calendar on thunderbird” and found these search results. It’s a complicated process to get access to your iCloud Calendar. Read the comments on each link if you run into errors. There’s the plugin way using Mozilla’s Lightning Calendar with additional add-ons, the hard way using the web […]

  • Stop whistling feedback in AirPods Pro when using Noise Cancellation

    Stop whistling feedback in AirPods Pro when using Noise Cancellation

    I looked for a solution to fix the whistling in the AirPods Pro over six months but to no avail. I used them with Noise Cancellation and Transparency (Noise Control) turned off because I didn’t hear the whining feedback in my left AirPods Pro earbud when I put them in. Meanwhile, I purchased a cheaper […]

  • Sync iCloud Contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird

    Sync iCloud Contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird

    It was hard to find a solution for this until I reworded my search phrase and found it in two forums out of many deep dives. References at the end of this post. Changes made on Mozilla Thunderbird or in iCloud Contacts will synchronize across all locations. Some of the same details can be used […]

  • Focus on your day: eliminating spam calls on iOS

    Before iOS 15, I had to keep my phone switched to silent, Do Not Disturb enabled, and a few apps to block robocalls. When iOS 15 introduced Silence Unknown Callers in Settings for phone and messages, it stopped some of the notifications. Then I discovered how Focus could be used to eliminate unwanted calls and […]

  • Exit Safe Mode on Windows 11

    In previous versions of Windows these steps were not necessary. A reboot out of safe mode was done in the recovery or bios menus. After enabling safe mode on a laptop to run a full reinstall of Windows 11 because it was corrupted by a phone scam hacker, the computer kept rebooting into safe mode. […]

  • [SOLVED] Jetpack Comments social login icons not showing on WordPress websites in Safari

    I had been leaving comments on other WordPress websites. Some sites showed the social icons and others didn’t. I couldn’t seem to find a solution for Safari so I was filling in the three fields every time I wanted to leave a comment and I noticed in the WordPress app that those comments and replies […]

  • Using Synology Photos with Automation

    There’s a repeated action I do every day and I want the phone to do it from now on. Open Synology Photos app after I start charging the phone so it can start its backup. I have Synology Photos app setup to backup on WiFi only. iOS Shortcuts Automation On the latest iOS, Shortcuts app […]

  • Hey Siri commands

    Hey Siri commands

    The primary focus of this post is that you can drive safely…

  • Windows 10 and macOS built-in security

    Windows 10 and macOS built-in security

    When I first owned a Windows computer back in the 90s…