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  • [SOLVED] How do I insert a single image from NextGen Gallery?

    It took me a while to understand how this was done…

  • Artist domain

    Placing my work online. What’s my recommendation for you the artist?

  • Checking multiple Gmail accounts

    Checking multiple Gmail accounts

    You might use multiple Gmail accounts and want to stay productive…

  • Blocking Spam on iPhone

    Two apps…

  • Zoom away

    I’ve removed Zoom from my computer because…

  • Fixing frozen Safari on mobile

    Tried all the fixes from the web that included disabling Javascript, clearing the cache, and rebooting the phone but I was still getting the frozen white interface…

  • Hey Siri, Take a Selfie

    Since my move from Hey Google to Hey Siri, I’ve been wondering how I can get back the features that Google made so easy to do with Assistant. At first, I used a harder way to take a selfie by loudly enunciating numbers to my phone but then I found the easier way and it […]

  • Call a business from Android

    Did you know that if you have a Google Pixel or Android phone with the latest Pie operating system that you can search from the phone app for the business you want to call without visiting the web or Google Maps first? You can choose to enable this feature in the phone app settings. Open […]

  • Disable Flash in Edge and IE

    About three years back most of the tech industry started to move away from using Adobe Flash Player on its computers. It is gone in Apple’s Safari web browser, Chrome has a “safe” version built in, and Firefox usually uses it if already installed by the user. But these days, you do not want to […]

  • macOS Mojave crawling

    Recently I serviced an iMac that was running High Sierra at a good response speed and the owner kept getting the App store notification to update, which they did. Mojave brought the computer to a crawl and a click took literally five minutes before the action completed. It was the latest iMac available on the […]