Your Cloud

The purpose of this article is not to argue iOS versus Android and not interested in the beauty or speed argument. It is to argue hardware and software capabilities of this single Samsung tablet device that I own, not the operating system it works on. I do agree in putting this out there that each …

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Email Clients: Gmail, Outlook 2016, and other alternatives

Someone asked me this question, “What are the pros and cons to using Microsoft Outlook 2016 with Gmail?” I’m not impressed with Outlook. I have set it up for someone recently and the Gmail contact groups don’t sync with your Outlook contacts distribution lists if you have any (read up on gSyncit, an Outlook Add-in) …

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Art to Design

Listening to a video podcast on Joe Collins YouTube channel and he pointed to this page of testimonials from many people who use Linux despite the naysayers. Inspired me to write this article from that idea. I was born with a graphite pencil in one hand and a drawing pad in the other. I illustrated …

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