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  • How to react to a virus?

    Recently, I serviced a client’s computer for a virus on Windows 10. She got a screaming message on her screen and it had a pop up with a number from “Microsoft” saying that she needed to call them and she called that number. I found out after awhile that she had let them get on […]

  • Your Cloud

    The purpose of this article is not to argue iOS versus Android and not interested in the beauty or speed argument. It is to argue hardware and software capabilities of this single Samsung tablet device that I own, not the operating system it works on. I do agree in putting this out there that each […]

  • Android Data Recovery

    How to recover files from an Android phone that won’t boot Install SDK Platform Tools Only Windows needs drivers Install Motorola Driver Manager for ADB for Mac Flash Recovery TWRP Custom ROM to allow phone to accept ADB commands Unlock device with code (pay for it if the company can’t provide it, ~$20-$35), can’t get […]

  • Email Clients: Gmail, Outlook 2016, and other alternatives

    Someone asked me this question, “What are the pros and cons to using Microsoft Outlook 2016 with Gmail?” I’m not impressed with Outlook. I have set it up for someone recently and the Gmail contact groups don’t sync with your Outlook contacts distribution lists if you have any (read up on gSyncit, an Outlook Add-in) […]

  • The Great Facebook Disconnect

    Daniel Brinneman in reply to: The “Great Facebook” Disconnect It would appear that Facebook is on the way out as a social platform. August 1, 2018 What you may have heard is true – as of August 1, 2018 you’ll no longer be able to share to Facebook from Lightroom Classic (or from earlier versions, […]

  • Art to Design

    Listening to a video podcast on Joe Collins YouTube channel and he pointed to this page of testimonials from many people who use Linux despite the naysayers. Inspired me to write this article from that idea. I was born with a graphite pencil in one hand and a drawing pad in the other. I illustrated […]

  • Joys of Jekyll, Gems, and EasyApache

    Once again this website went down on my new host with a 500 server error. I spent two hours reading about Jekyll for GitHub Pages, succeeded in adding the theme and in the process, I updated Gem to the latest on my Mac just to use the Jekyll importer for WordPress. Returned to my host’s […]

  • macOS TextUtil Convert TXT to DOCX, CAT All DOCX to One DOCX

    Today, I had the need to convert a homebrew extension to DOCX extension. I renamed all the custom extensions to the TXT extension. There was no formatting in the original files like bold or italicizing so textutil stripping it didn’t matter. I found OSXDaily’s post to be a helpful guide for a Terminal tool I […]

  • Chrome on Mac and the spinning beachball

    Tried everything to fix this beachball problem so much that I started to believe that there was a bug in Chrome for Mac and Firefox Quantum was looking like the alternative. The beachball spins (like the hourglass on Windows) for a minute or more before what I just typed would actually show up in the […]

  • CrashPlan Home to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

    For several years, I was a CrashPlan Home customer, on Linux and Mac, until they closed their Home plan this past year. I liked their plan because unlike Carbonite there was a setting to turn off online deletions. Carbonite will delete your online copy after 30 days if you delete it from your computer. I […]