Toes dancing on the water

I was reading Dan Erickson’s post, “the beauty of simple,” and saw that picture above. Just seeing that boat inspired these words. DOMP-DOMP-DOmp-DOmp-domp-domp, the sound of feet running down the planks to the end of the dock. Domp-flup-domp-flup-flop-flop-flip-flop-flip-flop, a run becomes a casual walk. I have my trusty plastic red tackle box in one hand …

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Written on a whim: Fried pork cutlets with a hint of salt and mashed potatoes drowning in creamy light brown gravy. Green beans glisten nakedly on the plate. He gazed into her face as she lifted a small piece of pork to her moist red lips and bit into it. She looked up and her …

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Creased black boots

I asked a friend, scriptwriter, to write two sentences which were descriptive. Then I took one of his sentences based on that room setting and wrote out my own descriptive twist. Later, he suggested I change two words to make it more imaginative. He gave me, “creased” and “faded.” An eerie draft breathes through the …

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Shooting Star

About two weeks ago, I came home from the late evening church service. As I usually do any night, I prayed for a safe journey home and when I got home, this night, I looked up into the night sky and paused to gaze into God’s creation and realize how small I was. One of …

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The porch swing by the ocean

I’d rather enjoy a calm evening sitting on the porch, wrapped in a wool blanket, watching the sun go down, near the ocean, instead of having someone bother me about my problems. I wish I could find someone to share the porch swing with.

A Hand Rest

Today, Memorial Day, I went on a day hike in the light to moderately heavy rain which poured down on my bare shoulders as I walked the trail. We got to the top and the rain stopped. Despite the rain, there were several other hikers and even some rock climbers. On my way home in …

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