Chrome on Mac and the spinning beachball

Tried everything to fix this beachball problem so much that I started to believe that there was a bug in Chrome for Mac and Firefox Quantum was looking like the alternative. The beachball spins (like the hourglass on Windows) for a minute or more before what I just typed would actually show up in the search box, always missing a few characters.

Temporary fixes were adding more memory, adding an SSD, clearing the cache on the Chrome browser, resetting it, and more. But no matter which version or type of Mac I owned, when I installed Chrome, it was slow. Even after this fix, the Bookmarks menu doesn’t allow me to access click on anything. It just freezes and I need to Force Quit Chrome and just use the search box to find the link or the Bookmarks Bar.

I found the ultimate solution in thinking about a complete wipe of Chrome from the Mac, not just a simple deletion of the app. I had done that numerous times before and it never helped. I also had this annoying hidden extension that wouldn’t go away and it was redirecting any websites, especially my bank’s to their own ad sites and I used all the tricks to remove it and I wasn’t interested in reinstalling the operating system to fix it.

This is how to wipe Chrome completely from the Mac and also get rid of any hidden adware stored inside it.

  1. Download new install file for Chrome browser from
  2. Quit Chrome program when download is complete.
  3. Delete Chrome from Applications folder.
  4. Open the Terminal and type in this command to show the hidden Library folder under your Mac’s home username. This is not the same Library as you find on the macOS hard drive directory. chflags nohidden ~/Library
  5. Go to Library/Application Support/Google/ under the hidden Library and remove the Chrome folder.
  6. Go to Library/Caches/ to remove any folders.
  7. Remove any files with Google and Chrome in filename from Library/Google/
  8. Go to Library/Application Support/Google/ under macOS Hard Drive, then remove the Chrome folder.
  9. Go to Library/Caches/ under macOS Hard Drive and remove any file with
  10. To hide previously hidden Library folder again, use this command in Terminal: chflags hidden ~/Library
  11. Empty Trash and restart Mac.
  12. Reinstall Google Chrome.




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