Creamy Bacon Soup



Serving size: 3

Cut two smoked bacon strips into squares. In a heated pan pour half tablespoon of sesame oil. Cut up half purple onion. Fry bacon and three spoons of minced garlic until bacon curls. Add purple onion. Add three small chopped russet potatoes. Add half tablespoon each of parsley, paprika, garlic powder, and basil leaves. Add one tablespoon of frozen butter. Mix in with potatoes and when it starts to stick to pan then add half pint carton of heavy whipping cream. Add three teaspoons of black pepper. Add six teaspoons of salt. Add chopped red bell peppers. Cook on medium heat or slightly lower, mix in with ingredients. After five minutes add in two cups of low sodium beef broth. After five minutes add three tablespoons of roasted pine nut hummus. Lower heat to medium-low for eight minutes. Keep stirring. Serve hot with toast. Add salt if needed.

I made this for lunch today. I didn’t follow a recipe. I first thought about making hashed potato pancake with a fried egg on top. Inspiration from a Korean cooking variety show. Mom boiled a few russet potatoes and then I started to see the dish to make from imagining the steam coming out of those finished potatoes that were still in the pressure cooker.


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