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Starting a Facebook Page (Page) is a big responsibility. It’s easy to start. It must be kept updated consistently. You’ve just created your website and to bring traffic to it, you use a Page to get the word out only on that social network. Most people will Like your page but later, unless they have bookmarked the Page or changed the Page’s Follow from Default to “See First” they will not see your new posts on that Page.

If your reason for having a Page is to draw interaction on your content, then you may receive a Like on the Page post and rarely a comment, depends on your target audience. Most Followers want to be wowed by the post to leave more than a Like (or Reaction). You get into the science of how to create Page posts that draw them in, you get notifications from Facebook to buy ad time, and you grow impatient trying out different ways to “beg” for an audience. Meanwhile, only a select few have even left Facebook to navigate your site. These are the negative unknowns of using a Page to draw Followers to your website.

You have that website. Don’t abandon it by spending all your time on Facebook. If you want a place to post updates and receive comments, start a blog on your website, not somewhere else. You will need 300 words (500 is an ideal minimum) at the very least per post to be noticed by search engines like Google. Expect to see comment spam unless you use a commenting system like Disqus.

Keep the traffic on your website and use social media to point people to your site. Find ways to make them leave the social platform and take them to your site. Ask for emails from your site, with Mailchimp. Don’t add people in your contacts to a list, allow them to opt-in to the Mailchimp list. Then you have their permission to email them.

Find out who’s visiting your site by creating a free Google Analytics account and put the tracking code in your website (most services provide a form field for the tracking code). Facebook Page will require 25-30 Likes before they’ll provide you with Insights.

If you need help setting up a Facebook Page or Google Analytics for your website, I am available for hire.


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