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My inspiration for this came after reading Khürt’s post from 2015, Writing at 160 beats per minute.

I started coding websites with Notepad on Windows XP Pro moved to Ubuntu 6.10+ for several years until moving to macOS when graphic design became a focus. I’ve used Atom, Coda, Coda 2, Nova, and Visual Studio Code as I have moved from web towards app development for writing clean, commented, and semantic code. I use dark muted color code themes for separating variables.

From classical to trance, my music tastes changed to increase concentration and coding speed. Classical music or silence while I drive and trance for coding. Some of the music contains phrases that is tuned out so the beat and melody come through. After working at a graphic design internship for three months in an old-fashioned wood and spring office chair with four coasters and listening to the owner’s musical taste, I gravitated towards smooth jazz for future creative projects. In-ear or over-ear headphones depending on whichever feels comfortable at the time and contributes towards full tunnel-vision concentration that lasts for many hours.

Depending on the weather, type of work, and a need for inspiration, my places to work from moved between a hammock strung between two trees outside to a lazy boy chair to a rigid IKEA chair in front of an iMac on a solid table made of cherry wood covered with a smooth varnish finish. Most always, I had a cold iced coffee or water in a tumbler.

I prefer working in a dimly lit room especially when I was having weekly migraines during the pollenated summers and dry winters before I discovered how much gluten was contributing to that pain. Now I work with a lamp on, a non-fluorescent, or natural light illuminating the whole room. A flickering bulb is quickly replaced.

Here’s a selection of favorite tunes for coding, design, and writing.




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