Desiderium is defined as having feelings for something that we no longer have, and wish very much that we did. Modifying this definition to say that having a Pixel phone is far better than using an iPhone and although I still own my Pixel 2, I have opted for the time being to use this iPhone 6s to experiment with just how much more privacy there is using it. Before Android 10 was released it appeared to most that the Android operating system didn’t have much privacy but to be fair it had more privacy settings starting in Android 9 and counting. More settings in the sense that they were forefront now instead of hidden in the dark corners where only geeks could find them. And the days I used Android 10 and moved to iPhone, the experience with the annoying modal popup asking about the app using your location and when it could be used became common on both operating systems. Android was finally starting to make privacy in user experience design more of a priority than an afterthought. The privacy in Android is finally appearing front and center in the design but has it changed in the back office, maybe and maybe not. From personal use, I’m still looking at the same Google account privacy and security page that I was already used to but on the phone it is making it easier to find that page by creating a submenu that is all about your privacy. The only difference is you are either stuck on your iPhone with iMessage while paying Apple for iCloud bandwidth and trusting Apple to keep you secure or trusting Google with everything stored and not paying for anything (there are exceptions). Which gives you more peace of mind because with either, you are still storing your data in the cloud on a remote server but Apple supposedly doesn’t show you ads but Google does use whatever data you allow to show you ads. I have always ignored ads and personalized my settings for the ads that I am shown. I don’t seem to mind so much just don’t bother me every other two posts like Facebook is doing with their new 2019 redesign of their timeline and Instagram’s feed. Both Apple and Google, Google being the leader in this, offer two-step authentication for their accounts. Apple is slow to adopt new technology, it seems they wait for the technology industry to work out the cobwebs before they take it on. Learning from the mistakes of others. Has iMessage made my interaction with others better, not really. It’s the same texting experience as before the only advantage is being able to use it on WiFi whereas I needed a cell phone signal with Android unless I used Messenger or What’s App. I adopted the iPhone for now to make interactions with others in my family somewhat easier. I don’t have money to shell out on the iPhone 11 Pro because that is what is missing in my iPhone 6s, a good camera but then I find that I pick up my Sony a6000 more when I want a more dynamic picture than relying on the Pixel or the iPhone. Yep, I do miss the good software-defined camera and better keyboard sensitivity on the Pixel but I want to see how long I’m willing to use an iPhone running iOS 13.


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