I’m no health nut. I started to have gut problems, which I cured for a time at a friend’s suggestion. He said I needed to eat yogurt in the morning. That worked for a while but I continued to have problems and decided that I would decipher the problem on my own based on the foods I was eating what exactly was causing me to not hold on to the food that I ate.

My symptoms started two years prior with bloating and I discovered that too much sugar from fruits caused that problem. My stomach would bloat up very quickly so I ate half the fruit sugars, after talking to my family physician about it. Then after two years or possibly more, I started to have pain in the right side where the bloating had happened before, just a little quarter size of pain after I ate a small amount of food. I still wasn’t keeping track then, so I figured that I would just bear with it. After a while the food would not stay and would leave as soon as I ate it, so that is where the yogurt came into my diet.

Just before a trip to Vermont, I was starting to realize what exactly might be the problem. And with the ten-day vacation and my friend in Vermont being gluten-free, I decided I would eat only gluten-free there and see if that was the cause. The first day, I had to run out and get a helping of yogurt because I still had previous meals in my stomach that were causing me problems. From the second day to the tenth day, I ate gluten-free and I had no more problems.

Now I check every label for any sign of wheat, barley, rye, or sunflower seeds (processed in same bins as wheat but gluten-free if handpicked from the field). Thankfully, no more gut problems.

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