Digital File Management

Affinity Photo has been a solid 100% replacement for Adobe Photoshop. I didn’t realize its potential when I first bought it. On macOS I’ve always used Finder for photo management. Using colored tags and properly named folders. At one point before photography was an interest, Google Photos became my go-to photo manager and I uploaded a copy of all other photos to it to visually see what I had.

There was no separation between family photos and other photos. I became frustrated with this as I had to archive those others to put them out of sight so I thought maybe I should return to photo management being all on the computer and leave the phone photos to back up to Google Photos.

I started by deleting all my Sony camera photos and any others that weren’t mine. After a few days, almost 30,000 were deleted. I removed the Google backup and sync software. And then I wanted to see them visually again instead of by filename. That can be done in Finder but I wanted to sort them easily with other parameters so Luminar 4 (owned) and Adobe Bridge (free with Adobe account) came to mind. I’ve used Bridge a lot and already have saved metadata-setting templates. I’m at the point of working with both. I’ll probably use Bridge because it doesn’t have the extra editor in it.

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