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About three years back most of the tech industry started to move away from using Adobe Flash Player on its computers. It is gone in Apple’s Safari web browser, Chrome has a “safe” version built in, and Firefox usually uses it if already installed by the user. But these days, you do not want to have it on your computer or even use it. You are allowing your computer to be vulnerable.

Especially if you use Windows but likewise macOS and Linux. This post focuses on Windows but if you use the other two, visit your Applications folder/manager and remove Adobe Flash Player.

On all Windows before 10, remove Adobe Flash Player from Control Panel –> Add/Remove Programs. On Windows 10, you will have to remove it from Add/Remove Programs if it is there and Microsoft Edge. Click on the magnifying glass search icon in Windows 10 and type programs, then Add/Remove Programs will be highlighted, hit Enter on your keyboard or double click on the program with your mouse. Then search the programs for Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Flash (keep it if you are using Adobe design programs). Click on the program once, click on Uninstall and the same again or click on Yes to remove the program.

In Microsoft Edge, click once on the vertical three dots menu at the top right, then click on Settings, scroll to the bottom and click on View Advanced Settings, then under Use Adobe Flash Player if the button is colored in (circle to the right, On) then click it once to turn it gray (circle to the left, Off).

I hope you are not still using Internet Explorer instead of Microsoft Edge. If you are using Firefox or Chrome or Safari, than you are using recommended web browsers. Soon enough Microsoft Edge will be using the base of Chrome with all the privacy concerns stripped out and Microsoft services added in. I’m using Firefox.


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