Travel Log: Edgemoor General Store

Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson and I drove down to the small town of Edgemoor, South Carolina, to discover this small general store and it just so happened that the owner, Dave Oneppo, was inside. Dave was very kind and let us explore the inside. It was my first road trip with a warm welcome.

Owner Dave Oneppo and Photographer Michael Hutchinson
inside Edgemoor General Store
Dave Oneppo and Michael “Hutch” Hutchinson

“It was built in 1915 by a Mr. Hitchcock and was owned by his family until the mid 1950’s, then purchased and operated by Mr. John W. Hicklin. It also served as The U.S. Post office from 1954 till 1978. I purchased the store in 1990 from the Hicklin family and has been my stained glass studio. I’m now in the process of returning it to a General Store to be open to the public.”
—Quoted from (Dave Oneppo)




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