Enough with the theatre!



I like warm and quiet coffee shops where I don’t need to put in earbuds to soften the noise level that is causing me to be counter productive. I especially like coffee shops where younger generations mingle where the music is not so loud that I cannot hear my friend’s expressions. The coffee must be nutty and brewed well, not overly sweet.

I like watching movies at home with surround sound not in theaters full of busy inconsiderate people and potentially dangerous moments. I like the lights off with pouring rain outside while wrapped in a blanket and clutching a pillow. Homemade salted popcorn lost between stitched seats.

I like the outdoors alone with birds singing and trees whispering. The barefoot path to bubbling brooks and crawdads in nooks. The solitude of a walk through woods bursting with color.

I like sitting cross-legged on a grassy knoll far from the bustling of a small town. Sitting in a pitched tent with warm soup in hand. The breeze gently brushing by.

I like a good book. Lost in adventure where time and sound are no more.



2 responses to “Enough with the theatre!”

  1. Jim Grey Avatar

    Nicely written. It sounds like you carefully manage the noise you let into your environment. I struggle with noise myself, which is why I stay home a lot. My home is quiet.

    1. Daniel Brinneman Avatar

      Thanks, Jim. Sometimes my earbuds are in just to silence the electrical noise by 70% even if no music plays. To calm my anxiety quickly, I avoid jagged sawtooth musical waveforms and listen to classical music meant for studying or focus. I search for classical focus on my music player and dislike any unhelpful songs. I prefer the pieces of Chopin over Tchaikovsky for these moments of relief.

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