Flowers from the garden

It’s 77°F outside and working in that heat made it feel like 80°F. I was sweating when I finished fixing the pickets on the deck. I walked about the garden while the sun beat down on my black cap.

6 thoughts on “Flowers from the garden”

  1. You are so much further ahead of us in Vermont. Our dandelions are just starting. Plan to mow lawn tomorrow for the first time.

  2. Joan Sherlock

    Your flowers are beautiful! But the first one on the right (1st row of pics) is not a Dandelion! It’s a wildflower called something like Joe Pye Weed. I will look it up and let you know its name. My father-in-law is an expert in wild flowers, birds, butterflies and moths! He has 16 different kinds of wild flowers growing in his wild flower garden!

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