Freshened up



Enjoying trance and Korean pop music again. The first Kpop song I wanted to listen to was Kan Mi Youn’s Paparazzi. Chilled out in my recliner. Went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 6AM. Sat for two hours outside my house today, after my brother dropped me off because I didn’t know what I had done with my keys. Slept in the cool of the shade on the concrete pad for an hour in my traveling clothes.

Yet another sign that my parents love me, I returned to a “new” car. My parents put some effort into cleaning it, replacing the covers which needed it, replacing the ceiling and buying new mats. Good for another seven years.

Some of you know already, that I receive love because of someone’s actions, not just words. I usually will give you a strong bear hug to indicate that I love you as my sibling or fan you for five hours without a care about how everyone takes it.

Catching up on two Korean dramas tonight, Manny and Greatest Love.


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