Golden tracks



It was a nice warm day with a slight breeze blowing softly. Spring is almost here; it was 85ºF all day. Finally! My favorite season is here and time to don a T-shirt, shorts, and covered sandals.

This evening, I hung out on Waxhaw’s rickety wooden bridge over the train tracks while waiting for the sunset at 7:32 p.m. I had decided to shoot the sunset from there instead of going to the better location because of what someone from church had told me about how he took photos. He said he found his best shots by intentionally getting lost. Although I wasn’t lost, I was off the beaten path.

Several people walked across the bridge, from couples, to parents with kids holding ice cream cones, to a young guy (and his best friend—both teenage boys) who rides his bicycle about seventy miles per day, to an older couple full of life and character with their child, to train-spotters, to a man with a bright orange shirt that had a white embossed Palmetto state logo. Slung around his neck was his Canon EOS Rebel T3i with a 18-300mm lens. He was nice enough to share his photography knowledge with me.


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