How to use Google Photos as an online photo storage solution

To set the record straight, Google Images is not the same as Google Photos. Google Images is part of Google Search ( Google Photos is a service of Google similar to Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Drive.

Here is why I use Google Photos over Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud.

Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud limit how much storage you have and when you run out, you have to pay to get more. Dropbox doesn’t let you view others files/photos if your own storage is full. I don’t like paying if I can get away with a service that provides Unlimited Storage. On Google Photos, your photos and videos stay private until you share them and if you do share them, a select few or in an album, you can always delete the shared link so they become private again.

You might say, I don’t want my photos in the cloud or on the internet. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogger, Tumblr, SmugMug, Flickr, iCloud,, WordPress, Craigslist, Email, Carbonite, CrashPlan or anywhere else that requires you to access your content through a web browser or backup your content to a server, you are already there in the cloud.

I’m not saying that you only rely on one service for all your photo storage needs. I recommend an external hard drive with two drives in one container that is set to RAID1 (copies your files to two hard drives or more instead of one), a backup service and Google Photos (iCloud or your choice).

I recommend using a personal Google account to store your photos online, not a work account. And I recommend turning on the extra security of 2-step authentication for your accounts (requires a cell phone or smartphone to receive a PIN to sign in every 30 days or remotely every time, in addition to your username and password – deters your account from being hacked).

What are the pros of Google Photos?

What are the cons of Google Photos?

How do I switch from Original Quality to High Quality?

  1. Click on “Upload size” under Settings on Android & iOS (for your device) or view the top set of instructions for setting it from your computer’s web browser:
  2. General help for choosing a storage size:

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Edited October 9, 2015:

The only thing I wasn’t sure of in your article was Picasa integration. Is there any?

It’s available. Face tags, in most recent update (on Mac), won’t upload to there. They aren’t ready for it yet. You either use Google Photos Backup (which runs in the background and make sure your setting is High Quality) or you use Google’s Picasa and sync each album up as you need. I would still recommend using the Chrome browser for Google Photos and uploading your images, it seems simpler.

Oh, and is there a way to generate my own collage with a series of pics, or do I have to let Google automatically do that for me only?

Mobile devices have these features. You’ll need the latest iPhone, Nexus or Samsung phone/tablet to do these actions.

Source: About Google Photos

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