rain falling, dripping off roof, dark

Hands in dirt



rain falling, dripping off roof, dark

I had fallen asleep to the sound of raindrops outside, distant thunder, two Korean TV shows, and a new Japanese anime that didn’t hold my attention long. I was fighting to stay awake but my eyes kept shutting. 

This morning I woke early and exited my room late after listening to select Bible passages and a sermon series by Pastor Lutzer. I do this each morning as it’s good nourishment for my soul.

Yesterday, I started thinking about going to the store to buy roses for the garden and this morning, after a sip of iced coffee and lunch, I backed my mom’s Mercury out of the garage and drove to a friend’s home to install a coaxial pigtail that had just arrived. Then to Lowes in our small town. 

Mom told me yesterday which colors would balance each part of the garden and today she said that Knock Out roses were the best because they last long and don’t disease. I purchased six rose plants and a few other items.

The clouds were overcast and it seemed like it would rain at any moment. I headed home after a quick stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for a Matcha Latte and single strawberry glazed donut with sprinkles. A visitor came by as soon as I stepped inside to make another coffee. After saying hello and answering a few questions, I went out and removed all the plants from the car trunk.

Outside, I raked off three feet of leaves around the sidewalk that hugs the front and sides of our shed, and an area in the back. Trimmed off several roots from small tree stumps that were sticking up, each the diameter of an index finger. Spread ant deterrent over the black ant hill found under the leaves. Then I removed any weeds. I hope to stake down a landscape weed barrier over it tomorrow before covering it with marble rock. It should help keep the mud from splashing on the shed exterior walls when it rains.

Mom laid out the roses in the front and in the back I chose to plant two red roses three feet apart. I gave them a good watering before cleaning off my tools. 

Finished up the work outside by raking out the leaves from the tulip patch and weeding out the invasive tall shoots.

Finished my day with a homemade chef salad made of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, green olives with pimento, mild cheddar cheese slices, and honey ham topped with creamy blue cheese dressing and apple juice to drink.

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