Hey Siri, Take a Selfie

Since my move from Hey Google to Hey Siri, I’ve been wondering how I can get back the features that Google made so easy to do with Assistant. At first, I used a harder way to take a selfie by loudly enunciating numbers to my phone but then I found the easier way and it makes use of Apple Shortcuts.

Install Apple Shortcuts from the App Store to move on.

  1. Open Apple Shortcuts.
  2. Tap blue plus icon at top right.
  3. Tap Add Action.
  4. Search for Camera, tap Camera icon, tap Take Photo.
  5. Tap Show More on Camera card.
  6. Tap off Show Camera Preview.
  7. Tap Back on Camera card and switch it to Front.
  8. Tap blue plus icon below Camera card.
  9. Tap X button.
  10. Search for Save and tap Save to Photo Album.
  11. Tap Next at top right.
  12. Name it how you’ll call it with Siri: Take a Selfie
  13. Tap Done.

Now say, “Hey Siri, Take a Selfie.”

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