Prices may change

Skill, Savvy, and Expertise

This is what I do professionally. If you need my services, please contact me @ this domain name.

Terms (Videography, Photography, Website)

  • 50% up-front non-refundable down-payment (all payments are non-refundable)
  • 50% cancellation fee if unforeseen circumstances occur or project is cancelled
  • Checks preferred, invoice sent to your email with payment details


Terms apply (Location, length, and weather are factors for calculating price)

  • Mileage
    • Up to 20-miles radius from Waxhaw, North Carolina
    • More than 20-miles, extra charge
  • Interviews
    • Full Day, editing included: $350
    • Half Day, editing included: $250
  • Memorials
    • I have been through several friends and my own Father’s memorial to know what you are looking for. If there is something special you need more than what is written below, please email those details.
    • Two hours max, video of stage from fixed tripod, video from second camera, I will take pictures of moments that I need for the video but I can do more if you ask, editing is included and usually takes about two weeks to finish the draft video before I can get your feedback, I make one DVD with the final video version (extra DVDs are $5.00 each before shipping/handling and North Carolina physical goods delivery tax) and if you need it, I can host it online for six months and give you a hidden link to share with others: $350


Terms apply

  • Group Headshots or Group shots for up to 20 people
    • Full Day: $350 (two separate sessions in one day)
    • Half Day: $250 (one session up to five hours)
      • No editing included, no glamor editing, out-of-focus shots removed, pick from remaining JPGs, no printing included, no framing included
  • One Headshot Photo
    • Best single shot chosen out of five shots, no editing: $150
    • Best single shot chosen out of five shots, glamour editing after photo chosen: $275
      • Finished JPGs only

Website or WordPress

  • 11 years experience
  • Hourly or project price dependent on your needs

Tech Support

  • $50 per hour
  • Computers:
    • Windows, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu or UbuntuMATE), Chrome OS
    • Software program recommendations
    • Windows Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
      • Removing viruses or ransomeware and restoring from backups, user must have installation partition or recovery CD
    • Printer installation
    • WiFi Installation and/or Troubleshooting, Hardware recommendations
    • G Suite installation, email transfer
  • Smartphones:
    • Android, iOS
    • App recommendations

Skills Coming Soon

  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • Scanning Slides to Digital Copies
  • Remastering Audio
  • One-on-one 30-minute and one hour Tech Learning Sessions or Computer Camps