How do you advertise yourself?



I couldn’t have landed The Mosquito Authority job without the help of Jesus Christ and the many prayers from friends and family. Before this particular job, I had been struggling for two years to find consistent work, month to month. These days, I’m humbled to give an answer to the most often asked question, “How do you advertise yourself?” Matter of fact, I don‘t advertise anymore. I put aside time in the morning to read the Bible, pray and remind myself, out loud, that I‘m nothing without Jesus and that I cannot make it through the day without his help.

I pause to say this; I’m not writing this to make myself feel good or to show that I’m better than anyone of you. In fact, I am far from perfect and I need Jesus‘ help each day to stay the course.

The last thing I do before I start my work is to pray for paid, quality work. I learned how better to pray because I discovered God has a sense of humor. We get what we pray for. When I was just starting this year, I had less projects scheduled and the more I prayed, the more paid, quality work came in. In the book of James in the Bible (James 2:14-26 ESV), it talks about having faith with actions and that neither can exist without the other. What are my actions? It is the commitment to put Jesus first in the morning and focus my internal motivation to look for work or pass out my business card, that’s the least I ever do in advertising. What is the faith part? It is praying and believing, not doubting, that I will receive what I’ve asked for because this work is where the “door is open” in my life so it is definitely in the will of His plans for me.

So then, how does that work come in? I pray for paid, quality work and with a few minutes to three days, depending on how much I have scheduled already, I receive an email from a complete stranger asking me to create their website. That’s how, in God’s provision, The Mosquito Authority company found me.


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