Android Mobile Photography: Google Pixel 2

After a solid year with Google Pixel 2, I have learned that it’s really a good camera on a phone.

Thanks to that software and Artificial Intelligence (AI), 12 Mps works just fine. I had the Moto X Pure Edition before with close to 20 Mps and it was also good. But the Pixel in most cases performs with an advantage even in low light it surprises.

My workflow stays the same. Capture on the phone, edit on Snapseed if needed. Sometimes I take a photo from my Sony a6000 and edit the RAW file in Snapseed.

Now I post to Instagram, sometimes to my website, and if I have a better edit from the mirrorless camera on Desktop software then that is posted on Instagram and Fine Art America.

For extremely wide shots, I attach the Moment to my smartphone case.

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