CrashPlan Home to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage



For several years, I was a CrashPlan Home customer, on Linux and Mac, until they closed their Home plan this past year. I liked their plan because unlike Carbonite there was a setting to turn off online deletions. Carbonite will delete your online copy after 30 days if you delete it from your computer. I didn’t want my next online backup to have that con.

On a recent road trip, I was forced into finding the best alternative to CrashPlan Home for my photography and I didn’t have my external physical backup with me. After thirty minutes, Backblaze was the prominent choice. Then in their plans, I found B2 Cloud Storage as the best for me. You could upload with a third-party client all your data, that was the easy part but it seemed to bounce the signal a lot and I had reset the entire upload. I had a greater pain pulling down all my files.

I tried Fuse, then Mountain Duck that I paid for. Mountain Duck acts as a mountable drive and is a software made by the creators of Cyberduck for FTP/AWS. But it kept timing out on the connection during the download and that was a pain. I finally rediscovered Transmit.

Many years ago when I first got into OS X, I bought Panic’s Coda for creating WordPress themes as I was following CSS Tricks, Chris Coyier, and Digging into WordPress books and their code editor was Coda. In navigating Panic’s website, I saw Transmit. I didn’t need it until just recently. It was the best purchase for connecting to Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage and I had no more hiccups. I successfully downloaded all my data and it was fast too.


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