Coloring Books



Recycled paper with colored threads, thick defined soft pages between your fingers, easy tear, and colored pencils or crayons. By the number, bold black lines, thin gray lines, faint lines, patterns, and nature. The makings of a coloring book.

People are like these coloring books especially in needing a new web design for themselves. Selling my WordPress theme design specialities, I’ve recognized that it’s the most complicated coloring book that they are not ready for yet. They need a simple book with lots of instructions always facing them and a key to follow. They are not ready to go alone or be creative without handholding along the way.

It’s not that they do not need a site, maybe they are not ready for WordPress. Maybe they need a design that works and is easy to edit without learning a new motorskill. Possibly a design that you update for them.

As a web developer, I’ve seen that Wix is super easy to learn, even if it doesn’t excel in getting them found. Google Sites will get them found but it’s not easy in its current layout (newest is). A flat-file CMS with a boring gray user interface like Kirby would be easier to edit on their own unlike WordPress. But WordPress with the Elementor page builder eases the backend. If I can’t pass off a design to them without constant handholding, I haven’t given them the best solution.

With time, I’m going back to the easier books because being a technologist doesn’t always catch my eye. Which coloring book will you pick up?


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