Goodbye, LinkedIn!

The first and only account I ever had with LinkedIn since their first days on the web is finally purged.

I exported all the content that I wanted and deleted everything in the account before closing it out. Call me crazy, but it was starting to be real pest.

I would get “Spam” from recruiters and I’d turn it off but it still came through my email until I just stopped to responding. They would add me to their email blasts without an opt-in. I was upset, two years ago, with all of them when they would promise a good job and I would get all dressed up, went to their locations and it would be the same interview I had over the phone with them and false promises to call me back in. A complete waste of time.

I signed up with Groups and no one ever reached out to me, even if I left a helpful answer. I followed Pulse posts to leave my comments. I followed Companies, they never followed back. I applied to Jobs, they never replied.

Short and sweet, I saw LinkedIn as a place to post my resume and request recommendations. Many people told me, “You should be on LinkedIn.” Ever since the beginning until now, I’ve had one lead job from it all. After a year of never signing in, I finally closed that LinkedIn account. I have my WordPress web design website, to post those recommendations (and my resume) on and that’s truly where it counts for me. And there’s still email to communicate with all my past, present and future clients.





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