Google and Alexa assistants



I found out last week what the three big differences were between Alexa and Hey Google. First, Alexa needed three apps to work on a third-party speaker with Alexa built-in. Hey Google with Google Home installed just works. Second, asking Alexa to play a song, the only option was to play it through a subscription. Hey Google plays the song eventually after playing a radio station with similar songs, plays the song directly if you have a subscription, or it is in your music library already. It doesn’t cause a road block. Third, Alexa seems to know less and needs an app on your phone to figure out anything. Hey Google knows right away or you can teach it and all that is stored in your Google account, another good reason to enable two-step authentication for extra security. If you already have an Android phone, you have one step less to make and it’s not as confusing as Alexa to set up.


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