Ham radios I owned and operated

At one time I was super active in Amateur “Ham” Radio and there’s a very small part of me that misses that time. Here below is a list of radios that I used to own and operate. Starting with the oldest and finishing with the newest. Speaking with someone at church brought up these memories and it’s good to see someone there with similar taste.

Heathkit “Hot Water” HW-101: Novice and Tech Plus licenses, Morse Code and one band for Voice, tuning for each band, tube radio

Heathkit HW-101 RigPix.com

Yaesu FT-301D: Same as above, but less tuning on this radio. While I had this radio, I built other smaller QRPp radios from scratch and picked up smaller kit radios from friends.

Yaesu FT-301D RigPix.com

Elecraft K2 (60-hours build): I built it from a kit, it was fun, it had the lowest noise floor of any radio out there (i.e. could pull out those contacts when the more expensive radio nearby couldn’t hear them), not car mobile friendly

Elecraft K2 Photo of my Elecraft K2

Kenwood TM-V7A: Dualband VHF/UHF radio

Kenwood TM-V7A VHF/UHF Ham Radio RigPix.com

Icom IC-706MKII: Exchanged Elecraft K2 and sold a wood table I made from scratch, so I could buy this HF mobile radio for the car and I picked up an external tuner for it with Hamsticks. I still have this radio sitting on the shelf but I have not used it for three years.

Icom IC-706 MKII An old photo of my Icom IC-706 MKII mounted on the dash of the car

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