HDR Processing on Linux

This morning, I learned that the software experience I’ve had on Mac can also be found on Ubuntu MATE (pronounced mah-TAE) with HDR photography using open source LuminanceHDR and DarkTable. Popular Photomatix (HDR Tone Mapper) has a license just for Linux. It’s free except for Photomatix’s paid license.

I found LuminanceHDR to be over complicated and it wasn’t producing the results I wanted. I tried to find apps on Android to do this HDR processing for me but the ones I found only worked for the external electronics they were intended for.

After a month, I finally realized that Photomatix Pro was the best path to take. I bought the Linux license for it. At first, it too didn’t work because there was a glitch in the program I downloaded and later it was fixed.

I take three to seven bracketed shots and import to Photomatix Pro, then I work on the results using the sliders to bring it back to a natural appearance rather than over-colorized photograph.




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